Preventative Care


We offer a variety of preventative care services including annual physical exams, well baby visits, sports physicals, and immunizations. With Athens Pediatrics PLLC, you will find compassionate, experienced providers delivering quality medical care for your child. Our staff will get to know you and your child so that we can offer the best care possible.

Acute Symptoms


Have a sick child and need to be seen? Call us today! One of our trained providers will evaluate your child and start appropriate treatment as soon as possible. We offer an in-house laboratory for diagnostic tests for many acute problems such as strep throat, Influenza, RSV, Urinary Tract Infections, and more.  This lab allows us to quickly and more affordably diagnose and treat what is ailing your child.

Chronic Medical Conditions


Chronic medical conditions in the pediatric population can be difficult to manage. Our providers are very comfortable addressing most of the common chronic problems including ADHD, abdominal pain, acne, allergies, asthma, constipation, behavioral disorders, depression, eczema, and obesity. We also serve as a medical home for children with special needs such as those with autism, Down Syndrome, and intellectual disability. If your child is frequently complaining of a symptom or has a chronic medical condition that is not well controlled, we encourage you to schedule a consult visit with us soon. Our goal is to optimize your child’s functioning with use of available resources and appropriate medications.

Behavioral Health


 Emotional and mental health concerns can be some of the most challenging pediatric conditions to manage. At Athens Pediatrics we understand that early psychological intervention is key to improving functioning in children who are struggling. Pediatric mental health resources are scarce in our area so we employ an on-site counselor. Ms. Betty Fisher is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides therapy for multiple child and adolescent mental and behavioral health issues including depression, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, and ADD/ADHD. 

Prenatal Consults


 We provide free prenatal visits for the expectant family to meet the providers and the staff. This is an opportunity for parents to learn about our practice philosophy, discuss any prenatal concerns, receive support for breastfeeding, and understand the typical visits for newborn babies.  Our goal is for new parents to build a relationship with their provider and to feel comfortable discussing any concerns that develop. We especially want new parents to leave our office feeling confident that the provider addressed all their questions. If you are expecting, please call to schedule a prenatal consult! 

Diagnostics and Procedures


 We provide many diagnostic tools and perform some minor procedures in our office. We routinely perform developmental screenings, hearing and vision screenings, and offer screening labs. We also offer spirometry to evaluate asthma, perform wart removals, irrigate clogged ears, and repair minor wounds .